Hi my name is irrelevant but you can call me Otto and I welcome you to this space .
This is a small space where you will see first hand how crazy could become my mind.Here you will come mostly with comics related stuff, the books I love or the new or old fandom stuff I like.

To say anything this week has been one of the most frustrating weeks in the last 5 years of my life is frustrating in the mental, emotional and sexual kind of way. One thing is to follow the stereotypes and be a dick with everyone and other is when the stereotypes is what she prefers in this moment. I’m not someone that you want angry with you, I will never rise my hand against any woman but that doesn’t mean I will not be as the cold of deep space, I also can be rude as fuck I don’t give a damn about anyone feelings when I’m mad that’s how I am.
But never ever try to justify me as a “you are just horny nothing more” that is the breaking point of my patience for not getting angry with anyone don’t try to justify me so it can please you.